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  • Fortnite x Creed III Coming Soon

    Fortnite is teaming up with Creed III for its latest collaboration, set to be revealed on March 1st. The official announcement was made yesterday by FaZe Clan on Twitter, offering fans a chance to get a free ticket to their early Creed III watch party, along with exclusive merchandise. The More

  • Fortnite Reveals the March 2023 Crew Pack: Rift Knight Kieran

    Fortnite has revealed the Crew Pack cosmetics for March 2023, featuring the new Rift Knight Kieran Outfit. March’s Crew Pack includes the following benefits: Rift Knight Kieran OutfitInheritor’s Edge Back BlingInheritor’s Edge PickaxeKnight’s Legacy WrapDouble-Edged Sword Music PackThe Materwork Pickaxe (exclusive to owners of February & March Packs)Photonic Legacy More

  • Flakes Power Joins The Fortnite Icon Series

    Fortnite content creator Flakes Power has revealed his Icon Series set during a live YouTube broadcast to over 20,000 viewers. What’s in the Set?Flakes Power’s Icon Series set contains the following cosmetics: Flakes Power OutfitElectro-Crest Back BlingElectric Crescents PickaxeGet Flakey EmoteFlakes Grin EmoticonHello! Hello! EmoticonFlakes Tag SprayThe Outfit, More

  • Flakes Power to Reveal Icon Series Set Tomorrow

    Brazilian content creator Flakes Power will officially reveal his Fortnite Icon Series set tomorrow, at 2PM UTC. With 6.7 million subscribers on YouTube, Flakes Power is one of the biggest Fortnite creators on the platform. Flakes first announced that he would be joining the Icon Series on December 5, More

  • Leak: Fortnite x LEGO Coming Soon

    According to reliable leaker GMatrixGames on Twitter, it looks like a Fortnite x LEGO crossover could be happening later this year. Epic Games is reportedly working on something in the yet-to-be-released Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) that involves LEGO bricks, including a full ‘Brick Database’. This potential collaboration doesn’t come More

  • Fortnite Most Wanted: How to Get The Heist Flier Umbrella Without Winning

    With the release of the ‘Most Wanted’ update on Tuesday, Fortnite has introduced a new limited-time umbrella that can be unlocked by earning a Victory Royale. However, a glitch has been discovered that allows players to obtain the glider without actually winning a match. Here’s how. To take advantage of More

  • Fortnite Insider shares images of Fracture Live Event

    This article contains spoilers for Fortnite Fracture. In a major leak on Twitter over the weekend, an inside source at Epic Games has shared images of the upcoming Fracture live event files. These leaked file images give us information on what will happen during the event, including the opening minigame. More

  • Epic Games Employee Exposed for Leaking Fortnite Updates, Disabling Creator Codes and More

    A YouTube channel called ‘Epic Corruption’ has exposed a Russian Epic Games employee for allegedly leaking Fortnite updates, disabling Creator Codes, selling exclusive cosmetics, revealing creator payments and more. The video claims that Epic Games Employee Alexey Gromsky, known online as Loud Noise, has been sharing information on upcoming Fortnite More

  • DC's Black Adam is coming to Fortnite

    Fortnite has officially revealed the latest DC Set featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Black Adam. The new Black Adam Set contains an Outfit, Back Bling, Emote and Pickaxe. A Black Adam Bundle is also expected to be released alongside the individual cosmetics, allowing players to collect the set for More

  • Leak: Doctor Who coming to Fortnite

    A Doctor Who x Fortnite collaboration is “currently in the works”, according to leakers. Following the success of the official Doctor Who Creative map in Fortnite, sources claim the BBC is working with Epic Games to bring a “full collaboration” to the game. This information comes from data miner FNBRintel, More

  • Leak: Marvel's X-23 coming to Fortnite

    Epic Games has added the name ‘X-23’ to the Fortnite server, indicating that the Marvel character will be available in the Item Shop very soon. The newly-added text will be the name of a new Set available in the Item Shop. It’s thought that the Adamantium Claws Pickaxe and Snikt! More

  • Rocket League's Octane coming to Fortnite in v22.10

    In a surprise announcement on Monday, Epic Games revealed that the Octane car from Rocket League will be coming to Fortnite Creative in v22.10. The new Octane Spawner device will allow players to add the Rocket League vehicle to their Creative islands. Along with the spawner, a new Rocket More

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