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    Fortnitemares 2021 – Halloween Event Skins, Frankenstein's Monster, Cube Chaos & More – Fortnite Insider

    Epic Games have revealed some information about the upcoming Fortnitemares Halloween 2021 event. We’ve had Fortnite Halloween events for the past three years but two of them have been named Fortnitemares. Last years event was Midas’ Revenge and include different challenges that players could complete in the Battle Royale game mode. The rewards for the […] More

  • Chaos Origins Takes Shape in Fortnite Crew for October

    The next of The First Shadows is Chaos Agent turned from his evil early ways. After his wicked designs were stopped and his course was set straight (kind of), the story of Chaos Origins began. Chaos Origins steps out of his lair in the October 2021 Crew Pack, going live for active Fortnite Crew subscribers […] More