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  • Stranger Things cosmetics returning to Fortnite soon claims leaker

    One of the game’s most popular item sets could make a comeback soon (pic: Epic Games) Don’t be too surprised if you see the Stranger Things item set return to Fortnite soon, judging from the latest leaks. Although there’s no clue when the final season of beloved Netflix show Stranger Things will air, you might […] More

  • Fortnite Save The World ‘trading scams’ can now get players banned

    Have you ever traded with other players? (pic: Epic Games) An increasing number of Fortnite players’ accounts have been banned for ‘trade scams’ in the Save The World mode.  Punishing cheating, and players who attempt to defraud others, is at the forefront of every game’s community rules, including Fortnite.  Compared to other games, Fortnite does […] More

  • Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Midseason Drops: release dates, rewards and more

    In case you’re tired of wearing the same fits (Picture: Epic Games) A bunch of Midseason Drops will be added to Fortnite by the end of January to freshen up your characters’ style.  Midseason Drops are a new addition in Fortnite that launched with Chapter 4 Season 1 and are obtainable alternative styles for the […] More

  • Fortnite Guardian Shields: Where to find them and how to block shots

    It blocks ballistic fire and explosives (pic: Reddit/Epic Games) Guardian Shields can be very helpful blocking shots if you find yourself in a pickle in Fortnite.  Block shots while holding a Guardian Shield has appeared as a quest in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, calling you to use this brand new, defensive item.  The quest has five […] More

  • Fortnite may finally return to iOS this year teases Epic Games

    Fortnite – iOS players have missed out on over two years’ worth of content and updates (pic: Epic Games) The legal disputes between Apple and Epic Games might be over as the latter suggests that Fortnite is coming back to iOS devices in 2023. Even though the legal battle between Epic Games and Apple came […] More

  • Fortnite celebrates Stan Lee’s 100th birthday with massive Marvel sale

    Fortnite – some characters, like Dr. Doom, are unfortunately absent (pic: Epic Games) No one knows how long it’ll last, but the Fortnite store is chock full of Marvel cosmetics from the game’s old crossovers. Marvel has been one of Fortnite’s most frequent collaborators since 2018, and it’s easy to understand why. Aside from Marvel’s […] More

  • Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1: Where to find frogs and sky jellies

    They are both hard to find (pic: Epic Games) Frogs and sky jellies are hard to spot in Fortnite and you’ll need them to clear two different quests this week.  Another set of quests has been added to Fortnite and majority of them task you with finding some rare wildlife that roams the Asteria map.  […] More

  • Fortnite Kinetic Ore: Where to find it and how to use it to travel distance

    They are these big purple rocks (pic: YouTube) A new set of weekly quests has been added to Fortnite tasking you to ‘travel distance’ using a Kinetic Ore. As usual completing Fortnite’s weekly quests will rewards you with a nice XP boost to help you progress with Chapter 4 Season 1’s battle pass.   This […] More

  • Fortnite disables Deku Smash move – doesn’t say why

    It’s gone for now (pic: Epic Games) The Deku Smash ability has been removed from Fortnite less than a week after the My Hero Academia collab launched. My Hero Academia has become the latest anime series to lend its characters to Fortnite, following in the wake of Dragon Ball and Naruto crossovers.  Main characters Izuku […] More

  • Fortnite Winterfest 2022 presents: how to find them and full reward list

    Ho-ho-ho! (pic: Epic Games) There are a bunch of Winterfest presents hidden around the Cozy Lodge in Fortnite, and here’s where they all are… As part of the Winterfest celebrations, Fortnite is giving out presents containing all sorts of cosmetics, like outfits, emotes, and sprays, amongst other stuff.  To find these presents you’ll need to […] More

  • Fornite leak reveals My Hero Academia week 2 quests

    They’re not very hard (pic: Epic Games) A new Fortnite leak has revealed all the quests for week 2 of the My Hero Academia special.  Fortnite Chapter 4 has already brought with it several major cameos, with MrBeast’s Extreme Survival challenge rewarding one lucky player with $1,000,000.  Among the new characters added to the game […] More

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