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  • Fortnitemares 2021 Brings You Shortnitemares!

    The third installment of Shortnite is here to spook, scare, fright, and delight in Fortnitemares 2021!  Starting on October 28 at 6 PM ET and running until November 1 at 6 PM ET, Shortnitemares will be made up of seven horror-themed animated short films.  How to Watch Shortnitemares To watch any of the Shortnitemares films, […] More

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    The Cube Queen Arises in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8’s Battle Pass

    You’ve been feeling her wrath in Fortnitemares, but now it’s time you unleash her wrath. Yes, The Cube Queen herself has arisen in Chapter 2 Season 8’s Battle Pass, and her Quests to unlock her (and other royal items) are available right now! The Cube Queen Quests & Rewards A terror from beyond reality, The […] More

  • Boogie Bomb vs. Combat Shotgun

    While The Cube Queen’s wrath continues to erupt, changes on the Island continue to unfold. Here’s what’s new in v18.30 in Battle Royale: War Effort: Boogie Bomb vs. Combat Shotgun The war effort has two classics on deck to fight back against the Cubes, and this time we’re getting up close and personal. Choose to […] More

  • The Fortnite Creative v18.30 Update

    The v18.30 update is bringing an update to the Wildlife Spawner and the new Character Controller Device, additional device updates, and bug fixes!  Wildlife Spawner Update We’ve added a bunch of new features to the Wildlife Spawner to give you more control over those critters. With new options for controlling spawning and movement, as well […] More

  • Fortnite STW Update Brings Back the Cram Session

    Attention Commanders, Last Homebase Status Report, it was stated that Hexslyvania will be coming to an end on November 16. This was incorrect! Hexslyvania will actually be making its exit on November 20, giving you just a bit more time to collect your sweet rewards!  We are proud to hear that many of you have […] More

  • Join the Fortnite Refer a Friend Program Starting October 25

    Update:  We are happy to announce that the Refer a Friend Beta program is being extended! You and your friends can sign up until Jan 10, 2022 at 11.59pm ET and complete tasks to earn rewards before March 15th, 2022 et 11.59pm ET.  The Beta version of our Refer a Friend program is starting! Register […] More

  • You Want S.T.A.R.S.? Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine Come to Fortnite to Defend the Island

    After surviving countless horrors in the Spencer Mansion and beyond, S.T.A.R.S. veterans Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine find themselves on the Island to face The Sideways’ Cube Monsters. Fend off Cube Monsters (and your opponents) like your life depends on it with the S.T.A.R.S. Team Set, available now in the Fortnite Item Shop! The S.T.A.R.S. […] More

  • Redeem The El Durrrado Back Bling after Purchasing Official Physical Fortnite Merchandise from Participating Retailers!

    Buying an official physical Fortnite product this holiday? At participating retailers, you’ll receive a code on your receipt for access to a new in-game item: The El Durrrado Back Bling! Players who redeem a code during this holiday season will receive early access to this item.* Official Fortnite products are those that are officially licensed, […] More

  • Play in The Fortnitemares Cup to Earn Cosmetic Items

    Get your Squad together, it’s time to show out. This weekend, you’ll have the opportunity to compete in Fortnite’s first ever PvE (Player vs Environment) tournament with the Fortnitemares Cup! Grab your Squad and start practicing in Horde Rush now! You’ll have from October 23 05:00 UTC until October 24 17:00 UTC to play five […] More

  • Paul Atreides and Chani Travel from Planet Dune to the Fortnite Item Shop

    “Fear is the mind-killer.” Destined to change the course of the universe, Paul Atreides weaves his own destiny and now, with Chani at his side, their travels take them to the heart of a battle they had not prepared for… a battle on the Fortnite Island.  Inspired by the 2021 Dune film, Paul and Chani […] More

  • Fortnite v18.21 – Fortnitemares: Wrath of The Cube Queen

    The ruler of the Cubes — The Cube Queen — emerges, ushering in the next phase of Fortnitemares 2021. The Wrath of The Cube Queen is now upon the Island. The Cube Queen Seizes Control The Cube Queen’s emergence brings changes to the Island.  Since Fortnitemares began (and even before), the Cubes have been mobilizing. Their […] More

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