Where are the body scanner locations in Fortnite?

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7
Can you prove you’re not an alien? (pic: Epic Games)

The UFO themed Season 7 of Fortnite is now underway, but the new legendary quest to find a body scanner is a lot easier if you have a map.

Fortnite’s alien invasion storyline for Season 7 is one of the most involved yet and one of the central problems is proving that you are not an alien in disguise, for which you need a body scanner.

There are multiple body scanners on the new version of the map but none of them are super obvious and there’s quite a bit to do before you can use them.

The first thing you need to do is talk to Doctor Slone, who will explain the current situation and how important it is to find out who’s still loyal to IO – and whether that includes you.

Where is the dead drop in Weeping Woods for Fortnite?

Your first task is to find the dead drop in Weeping Woods, which is next to the bridge in the northeast corner of the woods – you can see it marked with an ‘X’ in the map below.

The dead drop is on the tree stump you’ll find there, but to complete the challenge you’ll need to get through all the dialogue from when you interact with the stump, so make sure you get through it quickly, without anyone killing you, or it won’t count.

What are Sunny, Abstrakt, Dreamflower, and Bushranger in Fortnite Season 7?

The next thing you need to do is talk to a bunch of NPCs (non-player characters) and ascertain whether they’re aliens or not. Some of the NPCs will attack you on sight but others are friendly and will even heal you if you’re injured, so obviously it makes sense to try them first:

Sunny – on the pair on Believer Beach
Abstrakt – behind the supermarket in Retail Row
Dreamflower – by the purple corruption to the west of Boney Burbs
Bushranger – across the river east of Boney Burbs, at Risky Reels

Fortnite Season 7 body scanner map
You only need one body scanner

How do you get an IO alien weapon in Fortnite?

Alien weapons can be found at random in loot chests but the easiest way to get hold of them is from the dead bodies of IO agents or aliens.

There are four kinds of alien weapon but for the purposes of the quest it doesn’t matter which one you get. To find IO agents go to one of the new bases on the map, which are very obvious from their giant glowing satellite dishes.

To find the aliens go to any area with purple glowing letters and they’ll attack you. They’re generally harder to deal with than the agents so you only want to take them on if you’ve already got a decent weapon.

How do you use the body scanners in Fortnite?

Once you’ve completed all the preliminary tasks finding and using a body scanner is actually really easy. There are seven of them, but you only need one to complete the challenge. The only difficulty is that it does take a minute or two to complete, so you’ll have to avoid being killed long enough for it to work.

  • Believer Beach – the shack at the entrance to the base
  • Pleasant Park – the hut near the large satellite dish
  • Steamy Stacks – the shack at the back of the base, near the radio antenna
  • Dirty Docks – the building next to the radio tower
  • Weeping Woods – the building next to the fuel tank
  • Slurpy Swamp – the building next to the large satellite dish
  • Misty Meadows – the smaller building near the large satellite dish

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