Fortnite – where to find Spider-Man’s mythic web shooters

Fortnite Spider-Man Mary Jane No Way Home skins falling
Good thing there’s no fall damage in Fortnite (pic: Epic Games)

If you want to web swing like Spider-Man in Fortnite, you’ll need to find his web shooters first, which are scattered in specific locations.

Spider-Man fans would have been happy with his inclusion in Fortnite no matter what, but Epic Games decided to go the extra mile by also adding a brand new mechanic: web swinging.

It’s not unique to Spider-Man either; any character can perform the technique provided you find the mythic web shooter item first, which wasn’t originally available when Chapter 3 began.

It has since been added, but you still need to go out of your way to find it. Fortunately, players have figured out their locations so anyone eager to emulate Spidey can do precisely that with less fuss.

Fortnite – where are Spider-Man’s web shooters?

The web shooters are scattered across Fortnite’s island and can be found in 11 different locations. Fortunately, these locations are never random; you’ll be able to find them in the exact same places every time.

What’s more, there usually two or three of them within close proximity to each other, with the exception of the Daily Bugle. Head there and you can find five of them.

Another two can be found near the river slightly south-west of the Daily Bugle. Head further south-east of there and there should be three located by the road east of the Joneses.

West of there are another three in the northern part of the desert area (north-west of Condor Canyon). Keep going west until your south of Rocky Reels and there’ll be three more by the bend in the river.

Fortnite Spider-Man backpack webbed to wall
This the backpack you can find the web shooters in (pic: PC Gamer)

Near the island in the furthest south-west of the map are two more located on smaller islands next to it. North-east of there, past Greasy Grove, are three next to the river.

To the west of the Daily Bugle, south-west of Shifty Shafts, are another three along a bridge that crosses a stream. Three more can be found north of Shifty Shafts.

Two more can be found to the far west from where Logjam Lumberyard is, with the final three situated north-west of the lumberyard.

To help you locate them, keep an eye out for any giant webs that you can bounce off. The web shooters will be located nearby in backpacks stuck to vertical surfaces, like walls, with webbing. Fortnite.GG has also put together a very handy map to give you a better idea of where to look.

Be warned: there is a 10% you won’t even find a web shooter in the backpack. The odds are minimal, but it is a possibility, which is probably why there’re always at least two backpacks in a given area.

Fortnite island map Spider-Man web shooters locations
A visual aid (pic: Fortnite GG)

Fortnite – how do I web swing?

Web swinging will take some practice, but we can at least tell you the basic controls. With the item equipped, aim at a nearby surface, making sure that a reticule of some kind appears. This tells you that you can web shoot to that surface.

Press the fire button and you’ll zip towards your target. By pressing the jump button mid-swing, you can aim at another surface and repeat the process to zip through the air.

Be warned as once you hit the ground, you need to wait for the web shooters to recharge before you start swinging again. Plus, web shooters only allow for 80 shots. If you’re lucky, however, you can pick up a pair of web shooters with unlimited ammo.

Fortnite is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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