Fortnite: How to find the Daily Rubble and data drive location

The Imagined from Fortnite
The Imagined needs you to get those drives (Source: Epic Games)

Fortnite’s new landmark, Daily Rubble, houses a new Resistance quest for you to complete, but you need to find it first.

Epic’s Fortnite continues to grow and this time its latest update brings a new landmark for players to fight around. Daily Rubble is a crashed blimp on the far edge of the map that you will either need to land on when starting the match or travel to.

This area will help you progress the Resistance quest line that is the current gimmick in Chapter 3 Season 2. You’ll even get an additional 1,000 XP for just ‘discovering’ the landmark in your travels.

In the Daily Rubble area you’ll also find a data drive, the required hidden item that will progress the quest forward for you.

Fortnite’s Daily Rubble location

Fortnite Daily Rubble Location
You’ll find the Daily Rubble towards the east (Source: Epic Games)

To find Daily Rubble, you’ll need to head all the way to the very eastern part of the map. Go towards The Daily Bugle and then straight east until you reach the body of water. Swim out until you see the blimp and you’ll be rewarded with the discovery XP.

Recover a data drive from Daily Rubble

The drive you need is situated right at the back of the ship you can climb on. You’ll want to be careful of your surroundings, as there’s little cover on the blimp itself to protect you from other players.

Hop onto the very back of the ship and you’ll find the drive under a little red light that’s flashing. Press the prompted button to be given a morsel of the ongoing story and be rewarded with 23,000 XP.

Each level requires 75,000 XP, so this should make a dent depending on where you’re up to on the battle pass this season.

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