Fortnite gets another Dragon Ball collab tomorrow – and somehow it didn’t leak first

Dragon Ball Fortnite crossover Goku Vegeta Bulma Beerus
Fortnite – the likes of Goku and Vegeta were already added with the last Dragon Ball crossover last year (pic: Epic Games)

A second Dragon Ball crossover is confirmed for Fortnite, while the mobile version falls even further behind the others.

Too often we’ve seen big Fortnite announcements leaked weeks ahead of time, thanks to datamining. From new crossovers to even the most minute of tweaks, chances are fans will already know about the next update before Epic Games has even hinted at it officially.

That’s why we’re so surprised to learn about a second Dragon Ball crossover directly from Fortnite’s own social media and not from any of the usual Fortnite leakers.

Even more surprising is that it’s already scheduled to arrive on Tuesday, January 31.

While it will obviously add new skins and other such cosmetics based on the hit anime franchise, Epic is being rather coy about it and hasn’t offered any hints as to which characters will arrive on the island.

The teaser image shared only features some kind of aircraft flying overhead. Although keen-eyed fans will notice it depicts the symbol of the Red Ribbon Army, a recurring antagonistic faction throughout Dragon Ball’s history.

Considering they served as the villains of the most recent movie – 2022’s Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero – fans can probably look to that for hints on which characters will be added as skins.

A couple of safe bets include Gohan and Piccolo, since not only are they significant and popular characters within the franchise but they were also main characters in the new movie. As for the aircraft, it’ll probably serve as a hang-glider.

Some details from tomorrow’s update have been leaked, but nothing pertaining to the Dragon Ball crossover, suggesting that any related files simply haven’t been added yet.

Meanwhile, today saw the mobile version of Fortnite receive a significant update, though it’s not necessarily good news. In fact, it’s technically not an update but rather the omission of one.

The mobile version is already outdated due to its removal from the Apple and Google Play stores preventing any new content from being added.

Now, anyone still playing on mobile can’t spend the V-bucks in-game currency on anything, rendering them useless. They can’t even play the game unless they prove they’re at least 18 years old.

‘We want all versions of our games to use the current suite of Epic Online Services including parental controls, purchasing defaults, and parental verification features,’ states Epic. ‘We are not able to update the app on these platforms given Apple and Google’s restrictions on Fortnite.’

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney did appear to tease that the game would return to iOS devices in 2023, though nothing official has been confirmed. He didn’t mention anything about Android devices.

Fortnite is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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