Halloween Item Shop Fiends & Creatures in Fortnitemares’ Fortune (2021)

Many new and returning Outfits are in store for Fortnitemares 2021, including storied monsters making their Fortnite debut. Classic Fortnite characters with new Halloween twists are creeping in also.

Keep checking back here to find out these new and returning Halloween Outfits haunting the Item Shop this October. A fortune card will flip over with each arrival, while the backs of the remaining cards will hint at who’s next…

Week 1 (October 5 – 11)

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Four cards are… in the cards for Week 1. As you can see, the card for Frankenstein’s Monster is already flipped over! Frankenstein’s Monster, which includes the Vintage Frank alt Style, will be available in the Item Shop on October 5 at 8 PM ET.

There’s no pattern as to when the rest will flip over, but try using the hints to sew what they’ll reveal.

  • Update (October 9 at 8 PM ET): After Daryl Dixon and Michonne “joined the hunt” in Chapter 2 Season 5, Rick Grimes has arrived to fight back the Cube Monsters in Fortnitemares 2021. Comes with the jacketed Winter Rick Grimes Style. (Oh, and Daryl and Michonne have returned to lend him a hand!)

    That’s all the cards for this week. Check back on October 12 for a new row of cards!

  • Update (October 7 at 8 PM ET): For Fortnitemares 2021, Renegade Raider is dressed as the neon blue skeleton Skeletara. This new Outfit’s irradiated and ready for battle!

    One card remains this week.

  • Update (October 5 at 8 PM ET): Another card has flipped for October 5! Sauntering in alongside Frankenstein’s Monster is Curdle Scream Leader, a new addition to the “Team Leader” line-up.

    Two cards remain this week.

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