New PS5 System Software Update – July 8 2021 – 2.1.01- Patch Notes

Sony have released a brand new PS5 system software update today July 8 2021. The new version is 2.1.01-

Although the PS5 has been out since the end of last year, people are still finding it difficult to get their hands on one. Players stuck on the PS4 will at least be happy to know that Sony will continue to update the system and recently pushed out an update that improved the performance.

A new system software update for the PS5 was pushed out today (July 8th). As expected, it’s not a major update with any new features. In the update details, Sony simply state that it improves performance.

PS5 2.1.01-03.21 Update Patch Notes

  • This system software update improves system performance.
New PS5 System Software Update July 8 2021
New PS5 System Software Update July 8 2021

The update clocks in at just over 902 MB and although there’s no official information in the patch notes provides by Sony, Reddit users are reporting that this update has fixed a local dimming issue with certain Samsung TVs.

Reddit users in the PS5 Subreddit have also noted that the home screen music has been increased in this update with many confirming that this indeed is the case. Again, there’s nothing regarding this in the patch notes, but Sony never reveal too much.

PS5 home screen music
PS5 home screen music

Don’t forget, Sony have opened up beta sign-ups for PS5 updates last month and there’s a State of Play happening later today which will include Deathloop and other third-part titles.