Every Payphone location in Fortnite Season 7

Crafting has stuck around and Upgrade Benches have made a triumphant return! Here’s how to upgrade weapons in Fortnite Season 7 for the right price.

Fortnite Season 5 did away with Upgrade Benches – instead, integrating weapon upgrades into the new Gold Bars system. In Season 6, Epic introduced another new way to upgrade weapons in the form of the crafting system.

Now, at the start of Fornite Season 7, Upgrade Benches have returned to The Island, but they are different than before. Sadly, the ability to use NPCs to upgrade weapons has been removed, but using a Weapon Upgrade bench is just as easy.

Fortnite Season 6 NPCs

Upgrade weapons in Fortnite Season 7

Season 7 has thinned out the number of NPCs available and has removed one of their most useful features. Players can’t visit an NPC and throw a few gold bars their way to upgrade weapons anymore. Instead, players have to either craft new weapons or use Upgrade Benches.

The map below shows the location of every weapon upgrade bench in Season 7. In previous seasons, players would have to expend building materials to upgrade weapons. However, now upgrade benches accept gold bars in exchange for upgrades. Players have noted that upgrading a weapon in Season 7 is very expensive, and Vending Machines will sell a weapon of the same rarity for less than half the cost.

So, while there may not be any upgrade NPCs, Upgrade Benches are effectively the same thing. As with any upgraded system, each upgrade will cost a different amount of gold bars depending on the rarity of the item. In the past, Upgrade Benches would make players wait to receive their upgrade, but now they are delivered instantly.

fortnite season 7 upgrade bench locations

The second way to “upgrade” weapons is to use Fortnite’s crafting system. In Season 6, players had bones and mechanical parts to craft with. Now players can use Nuts and Bolts or Alien Nanites in order to craft a different weapon. This won’t increase the rarity of the weapon but acts as a sidegrade to change the weapon type.