Fortnite: Where to find Alien Nanites & what they’re for

Season 6 added Bunker chests to the game, but now they have been replaced by Henchmen Supply Chests. Here is every Henchman Supply Chest location in Fortnite Season 7.

Henchman Supply Chests have been added back to Fortnite after a long hiatus. Henchman chests were first introduced in Chapter 2 Season 2 and would appear at different spy-themed POIs. They were also present in Chapter 2 Season 4 at different Marvel locations. Now, they’ve returned once again alongside IO Agents.

These supply chests are similar to Rare Chests, Supply Chests have better loot than normal chests. Since the Henchman Supply chests belong to IO Agents, they contain high-tech weapons such as Pulse Rifles, Rail Guns, and Recon Scanners. This guide will show players every Hechman Supply Chest location in Fortnite Season 7.

Fortnite henchman chest in game

Every Supply Chest location in Fortnite

Supply Chests can only be found at IO Locations as they are used to store IO tech weapons. Inside these chests, players can find Pump Shotguns, SMGs, Pulse Rifles (Rare, Epic, Legendary), Rail Guns (Rare, Epic, Legendary), and Recon Scanners. Since these chests have such good loot, they are usually guarded by patrolling IO Guards.

These chests spawn at all six dish locations as well as various small outposts around the map. Some locations have multiple chest spawns. The map below, courtesy of, shows every Henchman Supply Chest location.

fortnite henchman supply chest locations

The safest locations to find these chests are likely the Satellite Dishes on the outskirts of the map. They may be patrolled by IO Guards, but they aren’t popular locations for players to land. Landing at these locations ensures that players will get an inventory full of IO Tech weapons. This is also the most reliable method of getting a Rail Gun and Recon Scanner.