Fortnite teasers hint at alien ground troops and new POIs

This Season of Fortnite introduced a few new high-tech weapons from the start, but there are still more to come. Here’s every new Fortnite weapon coming to Season 7.

Fortnite Season 7 started with aliens invading the island and abducting the Zero Point. These hostile aliens brought their own toys such as Ray Guns and UFOs. Luckily, the island’s inhabitants developed their own high-tech weaponry to combat them.

Season 7 started with the Rail Gun, Pulse Rifle, Recon Launcher, and Ray Gun. These four brand-new weapons add a lot of flair to the loot pool, and they’re just the beginning. Epic Games has promised that Season 7 will continue to add new Fortnite weapons over time.

Fortnite Cowinator Gun

Fortnite Season 7 cowinator gun

The Cowinator is a new weapon that was first show in a teaser video before Season 7 started. It was shown in action during the Battle Pass trailer for Season 7, but was nowhere to be found in-game. This weapon can pick up objects (like cars) and throw them at players with immense force.

Fortnite Prop Gun Weapon

The Prop Gun was discovered by data miner HYPEX who states that the weapon will turn the user into a prop. This is similar to when a player purchases a prop disguise from an NPC. However, nearby opponents will be alerted that a player is disguised as a prop every 30 seconds.

Fortnite Pulsar 9000 Shotgun

Fortnite pulsar 9000 alien shotgun

This is another new Fortnite weapon that was revealed during a teaser video. The Pulsar 9000 is actually a gun from the Save The World mode, and it will make its way into Battle Royale at some point. It shoots laser rings similar to the ones fired from UFOs.

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