Where to visit Farmer Steel’s favorite places in Fortnite Season 7

Farmer Steel is missing, and it’s up to the players to find him. He left without a trace, and now players have to visit Farmer Steel’s favorite places in search for more clues.

Every week during Season 7, a new set of Legendary challenges are released. Unlike weekly epic challenges, Legendary challenges have to be completed within 7 days. After which, the challenges disappear forever.

Not only are Legendary Challenges great for XP, but this season they are integral to the storyline. In seasons past, Legendary Challenges required players to do the same task a large number of times. Now, each step of the Legendary challenge line tells a story. This makes challenges more important than ever to complete for players who are interested in Fortnite lore.

Fortnite Pizza pit

Farmer Steel’s favorite places in Fortnite

Farmer Steel has three favorite locations on the map, and players will have to visit all three to complete the challenge. They don’t have to be visited in the same match, but it is possible with the use of a UFO or quick rotation.

Farmer Steel’s favorite places are Flopper Pond, Pizza Pit, and Lake Canoe. These three locations are marked on the map below. Flopper Pond is north-east of Holly Hedges. Pizza Pit is directly north of Corny Complex. and Lake Canoe is north of Retail Row. Players just simply need to walk through these areas to gain progress towards the challenge.

farmer steel's favorite places fortnite

Alas, players will once again turn up empty-handed. With Farmer Steel not being at any of his favorite places, his cousin begins to suspects aliens are involved. The search for Farmer Steel continues, and players will start by placing missing person signs at different locations.

Completing this challenge will reward the player with 30k XP. If a player completes all six Legendary challenges they will earn a total of 150k XP. These challenges will make it easier for players to reach Battle Pass tier 100 and unlock the coveted Super Styles.