All vending machine locations in Fortnite Season 7

Fortnite’s inhabitants are starting to warm up to the alien invasion, and they’re even throwing them a party. Here is where players need to place the Lazy Lake and Pleasant Park welcome signs.

Every week during Season 7, a new set of Legendary challenges are released. Unlike weekly epic challenges, Legendary challenges have to be completed within 7 days. After which, the challenges disappear forever.

Not only are Legendary Challenges great for XP, but this season they are integral to the storyline. In seasons past, Legendary Challenges required players to do the same task a large number of times. Now, each step of the Legendary challenge line tells a story. This makes challenges more important than ever to complete for players who are interested in Fortnite lore.

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Welcome Signs at Lazy Lake and Pleasant Park

The third week of Fortnite Season 7 introduces the Cosmic Summer Celebration event. Fortnite usually holds and annual Summer celebration, but this year it has an alien twist. Epic Games is also using the celebratory event to progress the season’s storyline. The Summer throwdown is also a welcome party for the invading aliens.

But what is a party without decorations? One of the first steps of the Season 7 Week 4 Legendary challenges is to place the Lazy Lake and Pleasant Park welcome signs. The two maps below show the exact locations they need to be placed at both POIs.

fortnite pleasant park welcome sign locations
Pleasant Park welcome signs
fortnite lazy lake welcome sign locations
Lazy Lake welcome signs

There are 10 sign locations in total, but players only have to place four signs. Both Lazy Lake and Pleasant Park have five sign locations each, players should be able to complete the quest by visiting a single location. However, the Pleasant Park sign locations are closer together which might make it easier for players to complete.

Completing this challenge will reward the player with 30k XP. If a players completes all six Legendary challenges they will earn a total of 150k XP. These challenges will make it easier for players to…