ESO: Elder Scrolls Online PC Update Today 7.0.7 (June 28 2021) Patch Notes

There’s a new ESO PC update today on June 28 2021. This update is 7.0.7 and here are the patch notes.

The last ESO update for PC was two weeks ago today, 7.0.6. That update addressed a number of issues for Blackwood quest along with some new content including the Rockgrove Trial.

There’s a new ESO update today for PC and Mac players, 7.0.7. This update contains even more fixes for the Blackwood and companions quests along with a fix for the into video which hasn’t been playing smoothly.

Other fixes in today’s ESO update include an issue with Saxhleel, companions running in front of you less frequently when you stop, survey report biomes for Blackwood will now be clustered together and other changes and fixes.

Here’s the full patch notes for ESO 7.0.7:

ESO Update Today 7.0.7 Patch Notes



  • Companions will now run in front of your character less frequently when you come to a stop.
  • Bastian and Mirri’s non-combat Perks are now active while they are active and present.
  • Increased the likelihood of Companion gear to drop from non-boss enemies.
  • Companions will no longer loudly mourn the deaths of group members and will only mourn the player that summoned them.
  • You will no longer see quest indicators above the heads of other player’s Companions in your group when your own Companion has a quest to offer.
  • Slightly increased the average frequency at which you gain rapport increases from killing enemies that Companions do not care for.
  • Mirri now waits to get to know you a little better before asking again for help with her second personal quest.
  • Companion combat level and class skill levels are now properly synchronized.
  • Adjusted the help entry “Companions – Access” to improve clarity.
  • Fixed an issue where a Companion could load in before their equipped gear.
  • Fixed an issue where Companions could unintentionally gain experience after completing a Dark Anchor event.
  • Reduced the frequency of Companion VO lines pertaining to synergy abilities.