Marvel’s Loki coming to Fortnite Crew Pack in July

The second teaser video for Season 7 revealed a new alien shotgun in Fortnite that’s coming to the Battle Royale mode.

Starting yesterday, June 5, Fortnite began posting teaser videos to their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles. Each teaser contains three items, and a different description for each item can be found on their different social media pages.

The first day of teasers showed a small toy Fishstick, a carton of milk, and a new alien weapon. Players have begun to speculate that Season 7 will introduce weapon charms, a new milk consumable, and an anti-gravity gun. The second teaser included a guitar, a pair of glasses, and a mysterious alien shotgun in Fortnite.

fortnite season 7 second teaser

Season 7 teaser reveals new alien shotgun

The description for the shotgun was posted to the official Fortnite Facebook page. It reads, “Final designs of proximity deterrent device now rendering. Lab results show positive effect on target movement and trajectory.” However, this weapon might be familiar to those who play the Save The World mode.

This weapon originally debuted in Save The World and it’s called the Pulsar 9000. It’s a legendary Sci-fi weapon that can be purchased from the weekly store and is pretty overpowered against swarms of husks. Instead of shooting a spread of bullets like normal shotguns, the Pulsar 9000 fire circular energy disks. These disks travel roughly 2 tiles before disappearing.

The Pulsar 9000’s clip holds 25 rounds but fires five rounds per shot. The weapon’s magazine, as well as its other stats, are subject to change when importing the weapon from Save The World to Battle Royale. Regardless, it does seem as if the shotgun has been made by the aliens according to its description.

fortnite alien shotgun pulsar 9000

We won’t know until Fortnite Season 7 just how powerful this new shotgun is. Will it be a menace like the Drum Shotgun, or will it be annoying to use like the Charge Shotgun? More importantly, are there more futuristic alien weapons on the way?