Fortnite Season 7: Where to find Zyg and Choppy’s Mythic Ray Gun

The Fortnite Alien Mothership that has loomed above the map since the start of Season 7 has now started to abduct players. However, it may be beneficial to be abducted by the Mothership.

At the end of Fortnite Season 6, players started to get abducted by what they assumed were UFOs. It wasn’t until the start of Season 7 that players could see what was behind the abductions. A giant alien mothership appeared above the map, but couldn’t be interacted with until now.

The random abductions had stopped, but players could not abduct each other by flying the new UFO vehicles. After the first content update of Season 7, players can once again be abducted by the Fortnite Alien Mothership. This guide will teach players how to get abducted and what they need to do once inside the mothership.


Getting abducted by the Alien Mothership

As seen on the map above, three of the new alien abductor ships will land at random POIs on the map. These ships have loot that spawns on top of them, but they don’t have to be landed on to get abducted. Instead, the ships will abduct the players that are in the POI below it as well as the ones on top of it. They only abduct players once per match when the first storm circle forms.

Once inside, players will be given a Alien Knockout Gun and the ability to double jump. They will also have a new Back Bling equipped with a timer. Players will spawn among three floating POIs that were previously vaulted. Here they will need to jump around the POIs collecting small blue orbs to increase their timer. There are also gold orbs that need to be collected to increase the rarity of the loot room the player is sent to when their time expires.

The gold orbs spawn over time, and new orbs spawn once they are collected. If a player collects four orbs, they will automatically be sent to the Legendary Loot room which is pictured below. It is important to note that players cannot die while in the Fortnite Alien Mothership. Even if they fall off the map,…