Fortnite patch v17.10 to introduce new cosmetics including Thanos, Armored Batman Zero, Summer Midas, and more

Fortnite is set to roll out its v17.10 update shortly–but data miners have already showcased some new cosmetic items we’ll see during the new patch.

In a video by Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey, we can see everything that will be added throughout the patch. 

Some of the items shown off included the Thanos skin that Fortnite announced late last week, variants for every skin in the battle pass, and a brand new Batman skin.

The new variant styles for Battle Pass skins are Foil, Gold, and Silver and will be available for each character including everyone’s favorite, Rick Sanchez. Another character getting a new style is Batman with the Armored Batman Zero skin.

During the patch, a Firecracker Bundle will be released, including festive firecracker-themed character skin, weapon camo, glider, harvesting tool, and back bling. This bundle is rumored to launch on July 4 to celebrate Independence Day across the US.

Another bundle, the Magma Legends, will bring back three of the game’s iconic characters with a new magma-styled appearance.

The biggest skin line coming in the patch is the Summer-themed skins which will be available for original Fortnite characters including Midas, Brute, Jules, Ruby, and Crystal.

Fortnite is currently in downtime, but it will go back online with patch v17.10. It’s unclear how many of these cosmetics will be available on launch, but new changes to the map will spice things up anyway.