Fortnite 17.10 Update Today – New Fortnite Patch Notes – Abductors, Alien Parasites

Here are the Fortnite patch notes for the new 17.10 Fortnite update that went live today.

Epic Games announced that a new Fortnite update would be released today. They didn’t provide much information regarding what to expect, but we knew there would be a summer event.

A few days ago, Epic tweeted out an invitation to the cosmic summer celebration event with some king of in-game event taking place at 9 AM ET today.

However, the challenges for the event are already live. There are four challenges available to complete at the moment, and more challenges will unlock later on. Each completed challenge provides players with a bunch of XP and a cosmetic reward.

Other changes in today’s new Fortnite update including abductors, being able to enter the mothership, alien parasites, and more. In chapter 1, Epic Games would release official Fortnite patch notes for the new update, but haven’t done so in the new season.

However, for the 17.10 Fortnite update today, Epic have released official Fortnite Patch Notes. Here are the patch notes for the v17.10 Fortnite update.

17.10 Fortnite update file size

Here are the file sizes for today’s new 17.10 Fortnite update for all platforms:

  • PC – 1.88GB
  • PS4 – 4.13GB
  • PS5 – 3.2GB
  • XBOX One – 3.21GB
  • XBOX Series X – 3.1GB
  • Switch – 1GB

Fortnite Update Patch Notes 17.10

Fortnite Alien Abductors

Abductors Fortnite
Abductors Fortnite

Abductors hover over certain locations on the Fortnite season 7 map. They’ll stay in a certain location for a short period of time and it’ll send out beams at the ground that will take away those that walk in the beam. They will then be taken to the mothership.

Once your on the mothership, you can get powerful weapons and you need to collect orange orange from the ship in order to get better weapons to take back to the map. If you find orbs with the clocks on them, you can extend your stay on the Fortnite mother ship.

You can see the locations of Abductors on the Fortnite map and they’ll visit in cycles….