Where to interact with a Dead Drop in Fortnite Season 7

The Season 7 Alien invasion will continue to intensify over the course of the season. The next phase of the invasion will introduce the Fortnite Alien Parasites.

At the start of the Alien Invasion, players could enjoy a few high-tech weapons and the all-new UFO vehicles. However, Epic Games ensured players that Fortnite would continue to change throughout the season. New weapons, new POIs, and new mechanics would be coming soon.

What would an alien invasion be without some sort of extraterrestrial parasite? Season 7 will introduce a Fortnite Alien Parasite that helps and harms the player it is attached to. This guide will help players locate the Alien Parasites as well as how to use and get rid of them.

fortnite zyg choppy alien invasion
artwork by u/CosmicLeek on Reddit

Finding and using Fortnite Alien Parasites

The Alien Parasites will spawn around the map with a 100% spawn rate at the Purple Named locations, and a 66% spawn rate at random locations. They will spawn inside of green glowing eggs that will only hatch when approached. These eggs have 60 health, and the parasites will have 75 health.

When they hatch, the parasites will chase players and attach themselves to their heads. They will lowly drain 40 health from the player, but will also give the player enhanced speed and jump height. After they drain 40 health, they will remain attached to the player until they are removed.

Parasites will remove themselves from players if they take damage. As well, they will be removed if the player comes into contact with water or fire, or if they turn into a prop. As noted by HYPEX, the Fortnite Alien Parasite will ignore the player for a few moments after they detach themselves from players.