Fortnite Graffiti Wall locations at Hydro 16 & Catty Corner

The conditions players will have to meet in order to unlock the Battle Pass Super Styles have been revealed. Also known as Enlightened Skins, the Fortnite Season 7 Super Skins will be easier to unlock than in seasons past.

Enlightened/Super Skins are prestigious style variants for the skins that are unlocked through the Battle Pass. These types of skins were implemented in Chapter 1 Season 4, and are a testament to skill. In order for players to unlock these skins, they have to reach a high Battle Pass level for the season.

Last season, players had to reach level 225 before the end of the season to unlock all nine variants. This is the equivalent of completing a second Battle Pass plus 25 levels. Some players think the Super Skins have lackluster designs, while others grind for them to show their dominance.

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Unlock Season 7 Super Styles

Since this season of Fortnite has reintroduced Battle Stars, unlocking the Season 7 Super Styles is also a bit different Battle Stars are earned when a player gains a level, and they are used to purchase Battle Pass items. Players will also have to use Battle Stars to purchase this season’s Super Styles.

There will be at least five items to purchase from each tier. Tier 1 Super Styles will cost 15 Battle Stars each, Tier 2 will cost 20, and Tier 3 will cost 25. Players will have to spend 300 Battle Stars to purchase all of the Season 7 Super Styles. This also means players will only have to reach level 200 this season to unlock every season exclusive.

We don’t know what the Super Styles will look like yet, but players are already expressing their opinions. Fans are begging Epic Games not to make the Super Styles…