Fortnite Satelite Station Locations – Where to Destroy Equipment at Satellite Stations

Here are the locations of the satellite stations in Fortnite in order to complete the week 2 challenge to destroy equipment at satellite stations.

The challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale are released every week and for many seasons the challenges have been released on a Thursday, however for some reason, Epic have switched it up this week and instead the Epic Challenges have been released on a Tuesday. There is also a Legendary challenge released on a weekly basis and is only available for a limited time, but this challenge looks like it will be released tomorrow, on a Wednesday.

We will have to wait and see if the challenges being released early was a mistake by Epic or if it was intentional as no official announcement has been made as yet at the time of writing. The Week 2 Challenges for Fortnite Season 7 have been released and one challenge you will need to complete is to destroy equipment at satelite stations.

Fortnite Satelite Station
Fortnite Satelite Station

Fortnite Satellite Station Map Location

In order to complete this challenge, you will first need to locate these satellite stations, which can be found in different areas around the map. There are a total of seven satelite stations in which you can land at, all of which have been marked on the map below:

Fortnite Statelite Dish Map Location
Fortnite Statelite Dish Map Location

The named landmarks of each of these stations and there locations are:

  • Deep Woods Dish – in Stealthy Stronghold
  • Dinky Dish – southeast of Craggy Cliffs, west of Steamy Stacks
  • Discovery Dish – southwest of Coral Castle, northwest of Believer Beach
  • Dockside Dish – southwest of Dirty Docks
  • Defiant Dish – east of Weeping Woods
  • Dampy Dish – southwest of Slurpy Swamp
  • Destined Dish – southeast of Misty Meadows

The week 2 challenge requires you to destroy equipment at these stations and you will see that there are is a lot of equipment inside the stations. In order to complete the challenge, you must destroy a total of 15 pieces of equipment.

Destroy Equipment at Fortnite Satelite Stations
Destroy Equipment at Fortnite…