Fortnite: Converse with Rick Sanchez, Rook, Marigold, Maven, or Special Forces

Here are the locations of Rick Sanchez, Rook, Marigold, and Special Forces.

Epic Games changed up the legendary quests with the launch of season 7. Instead of the same challenge but different quantities for each stage, we get a completely different quest for each stage.

It seems like Epic will have a number of challenges that requires players to converse with NPCs around the season 7 map. Last week, players had to converse with NPCs and there’s another legendary challenge that requires players to do the same.

In week 2, players need to converse with Rick Sanchez, Rook, Marigold, Maven, or Special Forces. You only need to converse with one of the five characters, but here’s the location of each one.

Rick Sanchez Fortnite Map Location

Rick Sanchez is a new character that was added at the start of the season. He’s useful as he sells nuts and bolts to players. You’ll find him north-west of Primal Pond at the Defiant Dish location.

Here’s the location marked on a map:

Rick Sanchez in Fortnite Location
Rick Sanchez in Fortnite Location

Rook Fortnite Location

Rook can be found at Dockside Dish which is located south west of Compact Cars and west of Dirty Docks. Here’s the exact location where Rook can be found:

Marigold Location

Marigold can be found on the south-east side of Lazy Lake. Here’s Marigold marked on the map:

Marigold Fortnite Location
Marigold Fortnite Location

Maven can be found at Dinky Dish which is directly west of Steamy Stacks and north of The Orchard. Special Forces can be found at the redacted bunker that’s east of Catty Corner and by the large snowy mountain.

I’m guessing conversing with all these characters ties in with the storyline. Hopefully, we’ll see the bunker opened at some point during the season, or at least at the end of it.