Fortnite Body Scanner Location: Step onto a Body Scanner All Locations

Here’s where to find a body scanner in Fortnite chapter 2 season 7.

Epic Games changed up the legendary quest system with the launch of season 7. In previous seasons, players had one task but the quantity was different for each stage of the challenges.

This season however, all stages of the legendary quest are completely different and unrelated. it looks like the epic quests will go live every Tuesday in season 7, and the legendary quests will go live on Wednesday.

One of the challenges requires players to step onto a body scanner. Here’s where you can find a body scanner in Fortnite chapter 2 season 7.

Where are body scanners in Fortnite

Body Scanners were added into the game with the launch of Fortnite chapter 2 season 7. There are different locations where you can find body scanners in Fortnite, and here’s a list of where to find them:

  • Discovery Dish
  • Deep Woods Dish
  • Dinky Dish
  • Dockside Dish
  • Defiant Dish
  • Destined Dish

That’s a total of seven different locations where you can find them. However, in order to complete the challenge, you only need to step onto a body scanner once.

Here’s a map with all the locations of where you’ll find them all:

Body Scanners Fortnite Location
Body Scanners Fortnite Location

When you stand on a body scanner now, it doesn’t do anything. However, when this challenge goes live tomorrow, there’s a chance it might make a sound or do something when you stand on it. For those that haven’t seen a body scanner in season 7 yet, here’s what it looks like:

For whatever reason, they’re always positioned in the corner of the room that they’re in and they’re never usually in the main building but in a smaller side building instead.

This challenge shouldn’t take you long to complete, but you could run into other players trying to complete this challenge.