How to fix the “Fortnite Server Offline” error

Fortnite servers will have their moments where they just won’t be able to keep up with the demand. Whenever Epic Games pushes new content like a season or seasonal event, new and returning players flood into the game as soon as the patch drops. This instant increase in demand causes servers to go down, causing players to receive errors like “Fortnite Server Offline.”

This error usually appears after launching Fortnite and as players try to load into the main screen. Once the error appears, you’ll either exit out of the game automatically or continue staring at the spinning wheel. In both cases, the chances of you getting into Fortnite will be close to zero unless you crackdown on what’s really going on with Fortnite.

On rare occasions, your home connection may also be the root of the “Fortnite Server Offline.” Before trying out any troubleshooting methods, you should check out if Fortnite servers are down or not. When the servers are down, none of the troubleshooting methods you’ll apply will be able to fix the problem since the ball will be on Epic’s court to fix the servers. Here’s how you can fix the “Fortnite Server Offline” error in Fortnite.

Check in with the servers

Servers don’t go down that often, but when they do, players start experiencing connection errors that prevent them from getting into Fortnite. Checking if the servers are down or not will be essential so you don’t end up wasting any of your valuable time trying to fix an error that you actually can’t get rid of.

Epic’s official server status tracker should be your first stop to check whether Fortnite’s servers are acting up. Though this website will be up-to-date in most cases, there can also be cases where it fails to update in time when a server-related error is just developing. If the community is faster than the tracker when it comes to reporting server-wide errors, Fortnite devs usually respond to the fans through the game’s…