How to get Battle Stars quickly in Fortnite

Each Fortnite season tends to have a unique element that makes them stand out from other ones. Though new in-game mechanics and events play an important role, the Battle Pass probably has the highest impact when it comes to making a season recognizable.

The overall theme of the skins featured in a Battle Pass allows players to recognize a season by just looking at cosmetics, and unlocking all the skins can be the primary goal of many Fortnite fans throughout a season. 

Until Fortnite’s Chapter two, season seven, the rewards would unlock automatically as players kept leveling up. With the seventh season of Chapter Two, however, players are given a chance to unlock the rewards that they actually want. 

If you’re looking to unlock everything in a Battle Pass, then you’ll want to accumulate as many Battle Stars as possible, the new in-game currency that can be used to unlock Battle Pass rewards. Here’s how you can get the most Battle Stars in the shortest time possible in Fortnite.

Try to get as much as XP possible from matches

To get Battle Stars, you’ll need to level up your character. This means that, from a technical perspective, just playing Fortnite is the best free way to get Battle Stars. You’ll want to use all the tricks in the book to maximize your XP gain, though, and it starts with some of minor aspects.

Placements, overall survival time, and the number of kills you’ll score in a match will also impact the XP you’ll get at the end. Depending on your play style, you should try coming up with a strategy that will yield the most XP in the long run. While these amounts may look small, they add up in the long run.

  • Kills: 50 XP for the first kill in the match, 20 XP per kill after that (capping at seven kills.)
  • Survival: 17 XP per minute after the first minute of a match, capping at 14 minutes.
  • Placement: 25 XP for top 20, 100 XP for top 10, 300 XP for a Victory Royale.

With these numbers in mind, you can easily maximize your XP…