Fortnite introduces new battle pass system for Chapter 2, season 7, lets players claim rewards in order they choose

An all-new battle pass system is making its debut in Fortnite in the next season.

Expected to hit the live servers today, the Chapter Two, season seven battle pass puts players in the “driver seat,” allowing them to level up and pick and choose rewards in the order they decide. 

Every time players level up in Fortnite, whether by playing and completing challenges to earn XP or buying battle pass levels with V-Bucks, they’ll earn five “Battle Stars.” With Battle Stars, players will be able to claim rewards in whatever order they choose. 

As the season progresses and players level up, more pages of the battle pass will unlock, offering new reward options to choose from. 

This new dynamic battle pass gives players more of an option going forward, allowing them to deviate off course. If players want to claim the Abductionor Contrails on page one or hold and wait for the new Lobby Track on page two, the choice is theirs. 

Each page of the battle pass also includes a special locked reward, which is only available once all other rewards on that page have been claimed. At level 100, players can claim Rick Sanchez from the Ricky and Morty series. 

Once the battle pass has been fully claimed, players can then exchange their Battle Stars for a selection of new outfit styles for Doctor Slone and other bonus awards. 

Fortnite Chapter Two, seven goes live today, where players will find a mysterious alien army invading the island. They can look forward to an explosive opening attack while they catch up with Agent Jones’ boss, Doctor Slone.