All 17 NPC character locations in Collections in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 7

What is now becoming a common trend in Fortnite over the past few seasons is the introduction of characters that can offer missions and items across the map.

Unlike previous seasons though where there were 50 of more, Chapter 2, Season 7 instead brings just 17 characters to the roster, though that is likely to be expanded over the course of the season.

Being so few characters, however, means it is even harder to find them all across the map. Don’t dwell on it for too long, however, as that is what we are here to help you with. Just remember to look for the little speech bubbles on the map that show you when you are getting close to one of them,

Now to what you are here for, here is where you need to go to find all characters this time around.

All character locations in the Collections tab

1) Abstrakt

Location: Retail Row



3) Guggimon

Location: Lockie’s Lighthouse

4) Sunny

Location: Believer Beach

5) Bunker Jonesy

Location: South of Misty Meadows by the Mountain

6) Bushranger

Location: Risky Reels

7) Dreamflower

Location: Flopper Pond

8) Joey

Location: Dirty Docks

9) Hayseed

Location: Steel Farm

10) Marigold

Location: Lazy Lake

11) Maven

Location: Dinky Dish

12) Rick Sanchez

Location: Defiant Dish

13) Riot

Location: Steel Bridge

14) Rook

Location: Dockside Dish

15) Special Forges

Location: Catty Corner

16) Swamp Stalker

Location: Slurpy Swamp

17) Doctor Slone

Location Corny Complex underground in the main building