Alien Parasites, Live Loot Lamas, and more reportedly coming to Fortnite Chapter 2, season 7

In the hours prior to Fortnite Chapter 2, season 7 going live details of what players should expect have begun surfacing online.

According to Fortnite leaker HypeX, this upcoming system will boast plenty of quirky new mechanics to spice up the Battle Royale style gameplay.

In a series of Tweets, HypeX revealed some details beginning with the addition of an Alien Parasite that can attach itself to players during a game and will take 40 health points in return for giving them a boost in running speed and jumping height. According to the report, to rid themselves of this buff players will need to either enter water or have another player shoot the creature attached to them.

The leaker continued on claiming that during this season the massive spaceship from the trailer will randomly abduct players taking them to loot chests that they will have 15 seconds to gather before being returned to the map.

This isn’t these aren’t the only new space-themed additions, according to HypeX there will be a new item added to the game that when thrown creates a zero-gravity box around the players. Most odd of all, live Loot Lamas are said to be alive and running around the map.

While at this point none of these features have been confirmed, HypeX does have a track record of leaking correct information in the leadup to patch releases of Fortnite. Players will be able to get confirmation of these new additions when the update rolls out later today.