Fortnite x Rick & Morty: Season 7 Teaser 3 Includes The Butter Robot

We have the third and final teaser for Fortnite chapter 2 season 7.

Fortnite season 7 launches tomorrow and we’ve had two teasers so far. The first teaser showed a fishstick back bling or weapon charm, a carton of milk, and some sort of anti-gravity alien weapon.

The second teaser was released yesterday and featured a guitar, glasses, and another alien weapon, possibly a shotgun. It seems like we’ll be getting a Superman skin based on the glasses, the description of them, and a follow up tweet from Donald Mustard.

With just one day to go until the new season of Fortnite launches, we now have the third and final teaser for season 7. Here’s a look at the teaser image that was just posted on social media:

Rick & Morty x Fortnite

As you’ll be aware by now, there’s a different caption for the Fortnite season 7 teaser images for each social media platform it’s posted on. Each caption provides a description for the three different items in the teaser. However, it looks like this is the only caption for the season 7 teaser 3 image. UPDATE: We’ve added the text from Facebook and Instagram.

Twitter:Results of transportation bot test: -Transporting various weaponry – Failed -Transporting documents & schematics – Failed -Transporting bone modification liquid – Satisfactory No further testing required.

Facebook: Ordinance Delivery B2-6821 Latest tests show the weapon is highly effective against organic material. Against structures and mobile metallic transportation units the weapon becomes less effective. Weapon approved for field use.

Instagram: Results of flower protector test. – Ability to withstand high-impact collision – Acceptable – Ability to withstand weapon fire – Above average – Ability to increase style – Exceptional No further testing required.

Butter Robot Rick & Morty Fortnite

The robot in the the middle of the teaser image is the butter robot from Rick & Morty. That means a Fortnite x Rick & Morty collaboration has been…