Fortnite Spooky TV Sets Locations: Where to destroy spooky tv sets

Here’s all the locations of where to destroy spooky TV sets in Fortnite.

Fortnite chapter 2 season 6 is drawing to a close. Season 7 is set to launch of June 8th, 2021 and we should start seeing Epic Games release teaser images for the new season.

So far, we’ve had UFO posters scattered around the map which was followed by the current mini in-game event where players are getting abducted by aliens and thrown to another location on the map with full health and shield.

UFO in Fortnite

Throughout the season, we’ve had new Spire quests that somewhat build towards the story line. After the last major Fortnite update, Epic Games released the first two Foreshadowing quests. Since then, we’ve had one Foreshadowing quest release and it looks like at least one of the final two Foreshadowing quests will go live today.

Data-miners aren’t sure if they’ve scrapped one of the quests, but we know for certain that the “destroy spooky TV sets” challenge will go live at 10 AM ET (3 PM BST). Here’s all the locations where you can find spooky TV sets in Fortnite chapter 2 season 6.

Where to find spooky TV sets in Fortnite

In order to complete the destroy spooky TV sets in Fortnite challenge, you’ll need to destroy a total of five. However, there’s actually at least 7 TV sets that we know of that are scattered around the map.

Here’s all the locations of where you can find the Spooky TV sets in Fortnite:

  • Small sand island north-east of Craggy Cliffs
  • Fort Crumpet (west of Sweaty Sands)
  • North-east of Holly Hedges
  • South-west of Dirty Docks
  • West of Lazy Lake on the other side of the river
  • Weather station which is located south of Catty Corner behind the large snow mountain on the south side of the map
  • South-east of Slurpy Swamp

Here’s a map with all the spooky TV sets locations in Fortnite. If you need further help, we also have in-game images of them under the map.

All Spooky TV Sets Fortnite Locations Map Chapter 2 Season 6

Spooky TV set location 1: Head…