Free Ruby Shadows Fortnite Skin: How to get Street Shadows Pack For Free

Here’s how to get the Street Shadows Fortnite challenge pack for free which includes the Shadow Ruby skin.

Since the mid seasons of Fortnite chapter 1, Epic have pushed out a large number of different packs and bundles that are either available to purchase with V-Bucks or real money.

With every new major Fortnite update, data-miners leak the new files including upcoming cosmetics including skins, along with challenges, upcoming weapons and items, and more. We also see different packs and bundles leaked in also every update.

One of the packs that was leaked in the last major update was the Snakes & Stones Challenge pack. It’s available in the item shop for $15 and includes the Lyra skin with a skin style, the Agent Stones back bling, the Slitherous Staff pickaxe, and challenges that’ll provide you with 1,500 V-Bucks once completed.

Lyra Fortnite Skin Pack

Another pack that was leaked is the Street Shadows challenge pack. Data-miners leaked this and stated it would be free. It’s now available in the item shop for free, and here’s everything you need to know about how to get the Fortnite Street Shadows challenge pack.

Shadow Ruby Fortnite Pack

Epic Games announced the Epic MEGA sale for 2021. Epic users have the chance to get $10 Epic coupons, large discounts on major titles, free games, and much more. For PC Fortnite players, this means they can get the Street Shadows Fortnite challenge pack for free.

Street Shadows Challenge Pack Fortnite

The Street Shadows challenge pack includes the following:

  • Ruby Shadow Fortnite skin
  • Blackout Bag Back Bling
  • Shadow Slicer Pickaxe
  • Sky Shadow Glider

In order to unlock the above cosmetics, you’ll need to complete the following Street Shadows Fortnite challenges / quests:

  • Play with friends (5) – back bling
  • Outlast opponents (500) – glider
  • Deal damage to opponents (1,000) – pickaxe
  • Complete Ruby Shadow Quests (3) – skin

These challenges aren’t difficult to complete, but they’ll likely take you a couple…