How to get the free Daybreak LTM cosmetics in Fortnite

The introduction of cars into Fortnite changed the entire landscape of the game. Cars offered a fun, silly, and sometimes epic mode of transportation to Fortnite – something that’s been missing for a while. You haven’t lived until you’ve been caught in a hot pursuit, had a tire shot out, and flipped until you get second-hand motion sickness from your character.

Fortnite gets a lot of heat for being too “sweaty,” but cars helped to change that. Now, it’s common to see players become Gas Station attendants. Be careful, though, some are killers using the Gas Station as a ruse.

The addition of cars in Fortnite also opened the door to a host of new possibilities in the LTM department. Races, death-matches, and a lot more creative ideas are now possible with these cars. That’s what we have with the new “Nitrogen” and “Rally Royale” LTMs.

According to the leaks from data miner, iFireMonkey, Rally Royale seems to be a race around the map to collect Golden Tickets from Supply Drops. We can assume that this will feature a ton of vehicle combat as players try to get enough tickets to win.

In Nitrogen, car combat looks to be the primary focus – giving players the chance to play as a crazed taxi driver – ushering NPCs to their location, killing players, hitting stuff, and a lot more.

Season 3 is set to end next week, so we can expect these LTMs to hit Fortnite a couple of weeks after Season 4 comes out – barring any Season 3 extension. These LTMs also suggest that cars will be in Fortnite for the long-haul, which is good news to most players.

We’ll let you know when we…