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Fortnite’s Creative mode supplies an outlet for content creators to generate unique experiences unavailable in the Battle Royale mode. One of these unique experiences is Gun Game.

Popularized through the Call of Duty franchise, Gun Game drops players into a location alongside each other much like Deathmatch. But as you secure kills in Gun Game, your weapon cycles each time. The randomness of not knowing which weapon you’ll be stuck with next and having to adapt to survive is what makes this game mode so enjoyable to play with friends.

Fortunately, the Fortnite community has no shortage of ideas regarding crafting custom maps, and there are plenty of Gun Game maps to choose from. Each Gun Game map boasts its own unique quirks and inspirations.

Here are some of the best Gun Game maps in Fortnite.

The Underworld

Image via OCDFX


This custom-made map by creator OCDFX takes players to a fiery dungeon in the Underworld to host their competition. The map itself is quite small, with a maximum of 16 players allowed on the map, and it can be quite chaotic at times. To emerge victoriously, players need to cycle through all weapons and reach 30 kills. If you’re after something simple yet visually stunning, then this is a great map to test out.


Map created by BENZ4DUCKS, screengrab via Epic Games


The classic Call of Duty: Modern Warfare map Shipment has been crafted once again in Fortnite, creating a familiar setting for players to compete. The creator Benz4ducks did an excellent job at getting the map as close to its source material as possible. For those who have played the original game, this will bring up nostalgia. The weapon choice in this map is based around assault-style guns. The pool may be small, but if you’re a Call of Duty fan, this is the map for you.

Lost City of Atlantis

Map created by LJSCHU-YT, screengrab via Epic Games


The Lost City of Atlantis is one of the most extensive creations for the…