Snakes & Stones Fortnite Challenge Pack leaked – Lyra Skin

A new Fortnite challenge pack has been leaked, Snakes & Stones.

We’re under four weeks away from a new season. Fortnite chapter 2 season 6 is scheduled to end on Monday, June 7th with season 7 expected to start on Tuesday, 8th June. We have a new major update today and will have one more update before the season ends, v16.50.

The Fortnite servers are currently down for scheduled maintenance, but the new update has been pushed out on all platforms. As usual, data-miners have been looking through the files to see what Epic have added in today’s update.

New Fortnite Update Today v16.40

A number of different challenges have been leaked along with the usual leaks, cosmetics, new creative assests, and an image of the map in case anything major has been changed.

Since the launch of different Fortnite cosmetic packs, Epic Games have been created and releasing new packs regularly. That hasn’t changed this season and we have two new packs that’ll be coming to the game likely before the season ends.

Beast Boy Fortnite Set

We have two different Fortnite challenge packs, but we’ll be covering the Snakes & Stones challenge pack in this article.

What’s in the Fortnite Snakes & Stones Challenge Pack?

The Snakes & Stones Fortnite challenge pack includes the Lyra Fortnite skin, the Agent Stones back bling, and the Slitherous Staff pickaxe.

As with all challenge packs, players can complete easy challenges in order to unlock the final part of the challenge pack, V-Bucks. You’ll get a total of 1,500 V-Bucks once you’ve completed all of the challenges for this pack.

Snakes & Stones Fortnite Pack

Snakes & Stones Challenge

There’s technically only one challenge for this pack but the amount of times you need to perform this action changes like a staged challenge.

Players will need to complete uncommon or rarer quests. The first stage if six challenges and will go all the way up to thirty. You’ll unlock 100 V-Bucks for the first stage and each stages will provide an…