The best Fortnite aim courses

Raw talent won’t be enough to stay on top of the Fortnite leaderboards. You’ll need plenty of practice to sharpen your skills and keep your muscles warmed up. Most competitive Fortnite players spend as much time in practice courses as they spend in normal matches.

There are countless customized practice courses in Fortnite, each specializing in different aspects of the game. You’ll find courses to help you practice building and aiming. There are even maps to help you train for scenarios like box fights. The best aim courses try to combine all of these mechanics since you don’t have many one-vs-one fights without building in Fortnite.

You’ll need to train your aim in various conditions to prepare yourself for all kinds of skirmishes. Although you’ll have unlimited options when it comes to training maps, some rise above the rest. Selected based on community votes or verified by professional players streaming their practice sessions, the following courses are perfect for training your aim.

Teadoh’s Training Island

Teadoh’s Training Island – Screengrab via Epic Games

Teadoh’s Training Island is an all-in-one practice course. From building to aiming, this map has it all covered. In terms of size, it’s practically impossible to run out of space on this map, and you can also find different terrain and unique building types to train in for a variety of scenarios.

Teadoh is one of the most dedicated creative contributors, and he updates most of his maps a couple of times a year. If you’d like to try his most recent maps that usually aim to fix bugs and bring in new features to improve the overall experience, you can check out Teadoh’s YouTube channel.

Map Code: 5630-7611-9409

Raider’s Box Fight Practice

Raider’s Box Fight Practice – Screengrab via Epic Games

Figuring out the basic principles of building allows you to hold your own in Fortnite. It’ll take time to perfect the art of box fighting, but a building skirmish where two players outmaneuver each other by…