Get Griddy Fortnite Dance Emote – NFL Justin Jefferson Locker Bundle

The Justin Jefferson x Fortnite collaboration goes live today with the Get Griddy emote.

Epic Games have collaborated with large number of companies since the launch of the Battle Royale game mode. More recently, Epic have been working with streamers and celebrities in order to create their own locker bundle set.

A couple of weeks ago, Brie Larson was the first celebrity to get their own Fortnite locker bundle. Her bundle included the Bushranger Fortnite skin tha tcomes with a new version that changes the colour to purple with blue hands. The set also includes the Freemix and Glitter emotes.

Brie Larson Fortnite Locker Bundle

A couple of days ago, Epic announced a collaboration with Minnesota Vikings’ receiver Justin Jefferson. The collaboration includes a locker bundle along with a brand new Fortnite emote dance, Get Griddy.

Get Griddy Dance Fortnite

The Get Griddy Fortnite dance emote will be available to purchase in the Fortnite Item Shop today, April 28th. It’ll likely remain in the shop for a couple of days. Here’s the emote in action;

Justin Jefferson Fortnite Locker Bundle

Along with the emote, Justin Jefferson becomes the first NFL player to get his very own locker bundle. The bundle features the Hit Man skin and the Hit Me! back bling, the Get Griddy and Signature Shuffle emote, the Weathered Gold pickaxe, and the Arcade Kid Wrap.

Here’s a look at all the cosmetics that’ll be in the bundle:

Justin Jefferson Fortnite Locker Bundle

There’s no information regarding how much the locker bundle will cost, nor do we know how long it’ll remain in the shop for players to purchase. It’ll at least be available for two days, so you’ll have enough time to purchase it if you really want it.