Fortnite’s Batman Bat Cave location possibly revealed in new leak

Batman returns to Fortnite in his latest series of comics, and his next step is to set up a base of operations. The latest Fortnite update may have revealed where the Bat Cave will be located.

Similar to the Chapter 2 Season 4’s Marvel crossover, DC Comics has teamed up with Fortnite to create its own crossover comic series. The limited series is a crossover between Fortnite and DC Comics’ Batman, but also features a cast of other DC heroes and villains.

A large number of iconic DC characters are already in Fortnite, and Batman has been a part of the roster since Chapter 1. Other characters, like Deathstroke, are believed to be coming to Fortnite in the near future because of their appearance in the comics.

It is also believed that Batman will be setting up a makeshift Bat Cave on The Island. The comics have already revealed that Batman does in fact have a Bat Cave on Fortnite’s island, and it’s only a matter of time before it appears in-game.

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The v16.30 patch for Fortnite was released today, and assets for the Bat Cave were found by dataminer Lucas7Yoshi inside the game’s files. Technically it’s more of a Bat Shack, but it looks identical to the shack Batman uses in the comics. As well, it has the Batman symbol on the front to make it glaringly obvious.

As well, a small island roughly the size of the Bat Cave has surfaced directly south of Flush Factory. While Batman is seen walking through the forest to get to the shack in the comics, it’s believed that the in-game shack will be placed on this island.

We still don’t know how Batman and his allies/enemies will play into Fortnite’s storyline. It’s a possibility that Epic Games is planning another crossover…