The 8 best Fortnite one-vs-one maps

Regardless of the game mode you prefer playing in Fortnite, you’ll find yourself in countless one-vs-one situations where you’ll need to pull through to secure a Victory Royale. Your demise can eliminate your squad completely, so the pressure will be on.

Though one-vs-one scenarios may cause nerves to act up, you can still keep your cool by preparing for the moment. Building up your muscle memory through practicing Fortnite will allow you to react in similar moments without thinking for a second, allowing you to catch your enemies off-guard.

Multiple factors are included in the equation of each one-vs-one, however. Having a decent aim will always be needed to finish off your enemy, but it won’t do the trick on its own if you don’t combine it with a decent level of building. One-vs-ones tend to evolve into box fights quickly, meaning you can find yourself placing walls more often than shooting. 

Learning how to build around your enemies is a skill that you can only perfect by playing against other players. Though there are many excellent building-focused Creative maps, you’ll need a live target to truly test your mettle.

Before diving deep into a one-vs-one, you may want to spend a little time on solo courses where you can work on your aiming and building separately. Here are the best one-vs-one maps that will train you for the upcoming Cash Cups.

Raider’s 1v1 Aim Duel Map

Raider’s 1v1 Aim Duel Map – Screengrab via Epic Games

Considering how different each one-vs-one can be, it may be a decent idea to rule out the aiming portion first before moving on to more complex scenarios. Raider’s 1v1 Aim Duel map focuses on placing players in close-quarter situations where they have no choice but to try their best to dodge shots while still staying on point with their shots.

The gun choices are almost limitless, and there are more than a handful of one-vs-one scenarios to go through. You can select your starting health by going through one of the…