The 10 best superhero skins in Fortnite

Legacy Fortnite players who’ve been there since the first season may remember the game’s slightly limited skin collection. Back in those days, the shop was mostly made up of the base Fortnite characters’ recolors and designs, but that changed drastically.

Over time, Fortnite’s skin collection grew with countless themes. From animal-themed releases to superheroes from the Marvel and DC universes. Not only do these superhero skins feature amazing particle effects, they also allow players to represent their favorite characters while playing Fortnite.

In addition to all the collaborations Fortnite makes to introduce more superhero skins, Epic Games also has another skin line where players get to design their own costumes by tinkering with the customization options a superhero costume offers.

If you have moments where you suddenly become an entirely different player and save the day while playing Fortnite, a superhero skin might be in order.


When the sun goes down on the Fortnite map, only a single hero is brave enough to assure justice throughout the map. While many heroes go on expeditions during nighttime, not many of them are trained and well-equipped like Batman.

There are two Batman skins in Fortnite, one featuring his costume from The Dark Knight movie and the other rocking the classic comic book suit.

These skins were introduced to the game during Chapter One, season 10 in a bundle, and they haven’t been available ever since. There have been multiple additions to the Gotham skin line ever since, however, and you may be able to make up for Batman’s absence in your inventory with another Gotham resident in the future.

Black Widow

Black Widow – Screengrab via Epic Games

While you’ll need to be good at building to climb up the ranks in Fortnite, you might just be able to make it to the final circles by mastering the art of stealth. There’s no better skin to do this with than…