How to play the Spire’s Message at a Guardian Outpost in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 6

While each Fortnite season’s release period is exciting in its own manner, Epic Games makes sure that the hype doesn’t die down toward the end of the season with periodic patches and weekly challenges.

Weekly challenges are essential for players looking to max out their battle passes and they also play an essential role in a season’s storyline. Most quests have something to do with preparing players for the endgame—and the Spire challenges look like they’ll play a vital role when it comes to this season’s narrative.

A new set of Spire challenges just went live and one of them requires players to play the Spire’s Message at a Guardian Outpost.

How to play the Spire’s Message at a Guardian Outpost in Fortnite Chapter Two, season six

There are a total of six Guardian Outposts around the map in Fortnite. You can make your way to any of them to complete this quest. The six Guardian Outposts are scattered around the center of the map, mostly around the areas where the yellow parts start meeting the other landmarks.

Screengrab via Epic Games

You’ll find the Spire’s Message at the top of these towers, meaning you can easily complete the quest by landing on top of one of the towers after leaving the Battle Bus. The Spire’s Message will appear in what looks to be a ghost form and it’ll start playing an audio cue after you interact with it.

Considering each tower is also guarded by a Spire Guardian with decent combat skills, this strategy will let you avoid getting into a gunfight with them.

You can still run into these Spire Guardians after you pick up the message, though. Make sure to loot as much as you can while you’re making your way down from the tower so you can also march onto a Victory Royale after completing your quest.