Co1azo shows how to get scroll wheel reset on controller

Fortnite controller player, Co1azo, bought a piece of tech that allows him to use scroll-wheel reset on his controller.

The debate of controller vs Keyboard & mouse will likely never end in the Fortnite world. Nerfs to aim assist on PC have calmed the polarizing topic, but there are still players who argue for their input.

There are benefits and disadvantages to KBM and controller. Controller players are known to have superior movement options because of their joystick, while KBM players benefit from more precise editing and, of course, scroll wheel reset.

Recently, controller pro Co1azo showcased a new addition to his setup. He purchased a standalone scroll wheel that attaches to his controller. Since Fortnite allows players to use both inputs at the same time, the device allows Co1azo to use his controller and reset edits with the scroll wheel.

Co1azo scroll wheel on controller

We looked everywhere for the device that Co1azo seems to be using. All that we could find were replacement scroll wheels for your mouse. It seems like Co1azo has one of these rigged-up to a cord that plugs into his PC, giving him a scroll wheel taped to the middle of his controller.

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“It’s really hard to get used to,” Co1azo explained while showcasing his new piece of Fortnite tech.

When a viewer asked him why he’s using it, Co1azo put it simply, “Because scroll wheel is f***ing overpowered as s****.” He went on to say that the new feature is best for “invisible” edits, where you reset a wall that you can’t totally see.

Our furious Google searches for this product came up empty, so we’re not sure whether or not this scroll wheel attachment is widely available. Even if it is, it would probably only work for those who use a controller on PC.

We’ll keep you updated if we find where Co1azo got this scroll wheel. For now, we’ll have to watch him to see how effective the new piece of tech really is.