How to improve in Fortnite

Playing Fortnite may seem simple from a distance, but it’s one of the most mechanically intensive battle royales on the market. While you can get away with a decent aim and stand your ground in most shooter titles, you’ll need to get familiar with Fortnite’s unique mechanics.

The building mechanic is the first of those features that’ll directly affect your experience since it’s a core part of the game, especially if you’re looking to climb Fortnite’s ranked ladder. With time, you’ll be able to build with your reflex memory and still hold your own in simultaneous gunfights.

If you’re just getting started, however, you may find yourself going back to the main menu more often than you’d like. The first step you can take to improve at Fortnite will be to never get discouraged and focus on the fun parts of the game to keep yourself motivated.

Here’s everything you can do to get better at Fortnite.

Stop changing your keybinds

Constantly changing keybinds is a rookie mistake that often goes unnoticed by players who are just trying to find the right combination. The truth is there isn’t a perfect keybind layout. All keybind settings are mostly up to personal preference and even using the world champion’s setup may feel off at times.

Though there’s nothing wrong with using another player’s keybind layout, you’ll need to commit to them to build your muscle memory. Changing your keybinds too often will essentially force you to rebuild your muscle memory from the ground up, causing you to underperform in the meantime.

Spend more time learning the game than actually playing

You’ll technically become better as you keep playing Fortnite. Spending all your free time playing, however, can have some side effects. You’ll essentially be tunnel-visioned since you won’t get to analyze your gameplay or watch any other players who are better than you.

Your improvement rate can drastically increase if you start analyzing your replays or watching…