The best keyboard for Fortnite

Keyboards are as important as any peripheral, but they get overshadowed by headsets and mice since the advantage keyboards provide is slightly harder to notice. Mechanical and optical gaming keyboards provide a lower response time, which is especially useful in a game like Fortnite.

While you mostly use your keyboard for standard movement commands in most shooter titles, Fortnite requires you to have more than a few hotkeys scattered around your keyboard. Building keybinds are a prime example of this, and you’ll need to be as fast as possible to outmaneuver your opponents in building fights.

Most professional Fortnite players prefer to use mechanical keyboards that feature a blend of form and function. Tenkeyless and 60-percent keyboards are the competitive standards. The extra desk space provided by smaller keyboards plays a pivotal role in successfully performing flick shots and sudden mouse movements.

There are countless options in the mechanical keyboard market, but the following keyboards are the primary choices of players dominating the Fortnite leaderboards.

Here are the best keyboards for Fortnite.

SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL

SteelSeries’ Apex Pro TKL is one of the company’s most advanced keyboards to date. SteelSeries moves away from the classic switches that most gamers are used to and includes OmniPoint switches inside the Apex Pro TKL.

OmniPoint switch actuation points are adjustable, meaning you can tinker with how your keyboard responds to your touch. While you can use SteelSeries’ software to adjust your switches’ actuation points individually, you also have access to a mini OLED display on the top right corner of your keyboard, allowing you to make changes on the fly by switching to different profiles.

The OmniPoint switches are also perfect for players who can’t decide on a switch type since it allows you…