All Rift locations in Fortnite Season 6

One of the Fortnite Season 6 Week 3 challenges requires players to eliminate Raptor, Zenith, or Blackheart. Here’s how to complete this challenge.

It seems like just yesterday that Fortnite Season 6 was released, but it’s now been three weeks. We’re about to unlock the Season 6 Week 3 challenges, which you can view in full here.

One of these challenges requires players to eliminate Raptor, Zenith, or Blackheart. This is a relatively easy task, as long as you know where to go. Be careful if you’re landing on these NPCs, though. They don’t take too kindly to intruders.

Fortnite Season 6 NPC locations

Raptor, Zenith, and Blackheart locations

As we alluded to, all three of these NPCs, Raptor, Zenith, and Blackheart, are all aggressive to players who enter their zones. Like some of the roaming NPCs in past seasons, these three will automatically start shooting you when you get close to them.

To make matters worse, the three appear to be using weapons that they don’t have in their inventory. Raptor, pictured above shooting a P90, drops a Rare Primal SMG when you eliminate him – a small reward for dealing with the onslaught of bullets as you land at the beginning of a match.

Raptor can be found at the crashed plane outside of Coral Castle, Blackheart is patrolling the ship west of Holly Hedges, and Zenith is positioned at the Weather Station.

You’ll need to land and grab some weapons, building materials, and shields before taking them on. They don’t care whether or not you’re ready to fight them. They’ll start shooting while you’re still in the air.

It’s possible to complete this challenge in Team Rumble, but not all of the NPCs spawn in this mode. We suggest aiming for Zenith in Solos, only because he offers the safest landing spot that allows you to loot-up before fighting. Raptor would be our last resort, as his location doesn’t offer much loot once you deal with him and move on.

Image Credit: Epic Games, Fortnite.GG