Fortnite: Collect a Cult Talisman from a Guardian for Raz so he can Finish the Disguise Location

Here’s the location of where and how you can collect a cult talisman from a Guardian for Raz so he can finish the disguise for the Fortnite The Spire challenge.

Epic released the first major update for Fortnite chapter 2 season 6 yesterday. There were a couple of weapon adjustments along with the introduction of new wildlife found around the map, Raptors. Raptors can be tamed like the other wildlife and used against other players.

The update also brought the Spire challenges to the game. We’ve covered a number of them so far with guides that you’ll find if you head back to the home page.

One of the challenges requires players to collect a cult talisman from a guardian for Raz so he can finish the disguise. Here’s where to find it.

Cult Talisman Fortnite Location

As the name of the challenge suggests, you’ll need to collect a cult talisman from a guardian. Guardians can be found at the different outposts found around the map. Here are the locations where you can find guardians in chapter 2 season 6:

Fortnite season 6 map

You’ll need to eliminate a spire guardian in order to get the talisman. Here’s what it looks like in-game:

cult talisman Fortnite

Thankfully you won’t need to return to Raz in order to complete the challenge, as soon as you interact and collect the talisman the challenge will be completed.