How to retrieve a Cult Artifact from the Spire for Raz in Fortnite

The new Fortnite v16.10 update went live today and brought the Spire Challenge for players to complete. Among the quests, you’ll have to retrieve a Cult Artifact from the Spire for Raz, the so-called Thief.

To get the item, you need to go to the center of the map to the Spire region and head to the huge tower of rocks—it’s hard to miss. At the bottom of the tower, there are a couple of buildings. And in the top row, there’s an entrance facing the cliff.

Enter the building and the Cult Artifact will be there near a wooden table. Just interact with it to grab it and the quest will be completed. If you die after getting the Artifact, don’t worry—you won’t lose it.

This quest becomes a little difficult, though, if you have to fight a Guardian that hangs around the place. But just prepare to fight it and get the Cult Artifact for Raz.

You might also bump into other players looking to finish the Spire Challenges and complete the same quest since it was just added to the game, so be careful when heading to the Spire.

You don’t need to make it back to Raz in the same life or match. You do, however, have to complete all three Spire Quests before returning to the Thief at Colossal Crops.

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