The 8 best Fortnite wallpapers for PC and mobile

While there are countless games on the market, each gamer will have that one title they just can’t get enough of. When that’s the case, you’ll want to have small tokens around to remember the good times.

Titles like Fortnite have evolved from being just games; they can also be considered a culture. It would be tough for a non-Fortnite player to understand a conversation taking place between two avid fans. There are countless memes, references, and even dances that are core parts of the Fortnite culture.

Changing your phone or PC’s wallpaper to something related to Fortnite will allow you to recall all the memories you’ve accumulated through your gaming career. That one time that you were still able to get a Victory Royale with the worst loot you could have, or when you got sniped by a wild henchman during an intense gunfight will all be a single look away from you. While it’s possible to find fantastic artwork created by the fans to decorate your home screens, the level of detail featured in Epic Games’ loading screens makes them perfect wallpaper candidates.

These loading screens are usually tied to in-game sets or battle passes, and you might have collected a decent chunk of them over the years.

Here are the best Fortnite wallpapers you can use and start representing your favorite game.

Summer Slurp

Summer Slurp – Screengrab via Epic Games

Seasons may go by fast as if you’re binge-watching a TV show, but Fortnite always finds a way to keep up. Whether it’s through events or the thematic skins, Fortnite carries the season’s greetings into the map.

Summer Slurp features a bunch of Fortnite characters having the time of their lives at a pool party. With Slurps in hands and not a care in the world, this piece can be an amazing wallpaper, especially during the hotter months. The fact that the pool party takes place at night could be a nice throwback to those times where you and the squad pulled an all-nighter during breaks from school or…