Fortnite Season 6 leak reveals upcoming ‘Recycler’ weapon & new Exotics

Fortnite Season 6 is only a day old, but data miners have already found a major leak about a new type of wildlife coming to the island: Dinosaurs.

Fortnite is no stranger to fan speculation about eggs in the game. This first happened way back in Chapter 1, when The Prisoner thawed and moved to the volcano. Back then, fans saw eggs and speculated that dragons would come to the Fortnite island.

In the next season, we learned that these eggs were nothing more than a predecessor to a Battle Pass skin. When Season 6 released, fans noticed some eggs scattered around the island as well. This time, the speculation may be onto something.

Dinosaurs in Fortnite?

The Season 5 location, Stealthy Stronghold, was fuel for fan speculation over the secret skin for the Battle Pass. Before we got any official teasers, fans were split as to whether this location pointed to a crossover with Jurassic Park or Predator. Obviously, we know what direction it went.

That doesn’t mean that a Jurassic Park crossover isn’t on the table, however. Fans speculated that Lara Croft was coming to Season 5, and we now have her in the Season 6 Battle Pass.

According to data miner, FortTory, we may see raptors enter Fortnite Season 6. New elimination lines suggest that Raptors will attack players who get too close to them.

Season 6 would be a perfect time to add dinosaurs to Fortnite. The new season introduced wildlife that you can hunt, tame, or otherwise interact with. Raptors – or other dinosaurs – would fit like a glove.

We could also see Stealthy Stronghold transformed into a Jurassic Park crossover, which many fans expected to see in Season 5. With the wildlife, however, Season 6…